Single Hard Card Packaging - LARGE


Embellishment Type

Packaging for a single handkerchief

Large Size. Made to fit handkerchiefs above 30cm e.g. Armando Caruso, Pierre Cardin and men's handkerchiefs. For smaller handkerchiefs, see SMALL size. 

Large Size doesn't fit inside the Gift Boxes. If you'd like to place the Single Hard Card Packaging inside a Gift Box, you must use Small Size. 

The packaging is available in Plain or decorated options. Please select either 'Plain' or the decorated style e.g. 'Christmas' or 'Decorated, Corner Pattern'.

White Gloss hard card packaging to provide contrast against fabric 

Circular cut-out window at front

Four fold petal closure at back of packaging

Beautiful way to display handkerchiefs for a gift!



Collections: Gift Packaging

Category: Individual Packaging

Type: Packaging

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